TV-Tipp für den 2. Juni: Jackie Brown

Tarantino-Abend bei RTL II mit „Jackie Brown“, „Pulp Fiction“ (um 23.25 Uhr) und „Reservoir Dogs“ (um 02.10 Uhr)

RTL II, 20..15

Jackie Brown (USA 1997, Regie: Quentin Tarantino)

Drehbuch: Quentin Tarantino

LV: Elmore Leonard: Rum Punch, Jackie Brown, 1992 (Jackie Brown)

Stewardess Jackie Brown hat Probleme mit der Polizei und dem Gangster Ordell, der sein Schwarzgeld-Konto mit Jackies Hilfe auflösen will.

Tarantinos sehr werkgetreue Huldigung von Leonard und Pam Grier: cool (Leonards Dialoge!), etwas langatmig (Warum muß jedes Lied ausgespielt werden? Warum bemüht sich Tarantino so krampfhaft, die Antithese zu Pulp Fiction zu drehen? Warum nicht 20 Minuten kürzer?) und mit Starbesetzung (Robert de Niro, Samuel L. Jackson, Bridget Fonda, Robert Foster, Michael Keaton, Chris Tucker)

Von Leonards Homepage: „When Quentin Tarantino was a kid, he stole a copy of Elmore Leonard’s The Switch and got caught. Unrepentant, he later went back to the same store and stole the book again. Elmore Leonard was a beacon, lighting the direction that he would soon take in his films. He wrote a movie directed by Tony Scott called True Romance which he said was “an Elmore Leonard novel that he didn’t write.” It certainly was an homage; it even opens in Detroit. After Reservoir Dogs came out, Elmore wrote Rum Punch which reprises the three main characters from Tarantino’s shoplifted book, The Switch. Tarantino read it and wanted to buy it but didn’t have the money. Elmore and his agent, Michael Siegel, offered to hold it for him. When he finally did acquire the book and moved forward on the Rum Punch film project, Tarantino did not contact Elmore Leonard for a long time. When he did, he confessed a reluctance to call sooner. Elmore said, “Why, because you changed the name of my book and cast Pam Grier in the lead?” No worry. Elmore was down with that. He said, “That’s Ok, just make a good movie.” And Quentin did.

Jackie Brown is Elmore Leonard on the screen. Taking nothing away from Get Shorty and Out of Sight, Tarantino’s manic absorption of Elmore’s essence comes through in a way that only he could pull off especially for a long movie. The acting, the direction, the dialog are all great. There are so many great bits, especially with Jackson, De Niro, Chris Tucker and Bridget Fonda; and then there’s Hattie Winston as Simone the Supreme. Jackie Brown is the Elmore Leonard experience.“


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