TV-Tipp für den 25. Januar: Nevada-Pass

Januar 25, 2019

BR, 23.30

Nevada-Pass (Breakheart Pass, USA 1976)

Regie: Tom Gries

Drehbuch: Alistair MacLean

LV: Alistair MacLean: Breakheart pass, 1974 (Nevada-Pass)

1873 im Winter: Undercover-Agent Deakon muß während einer Zugfährt ein Komplott aufklären.

Der Krimi spielt zwar im Wilden Westen, aber Alistair MacLean verbrät seine üblichen Ideen nur vor einer anderen Kulisse (Undercover-Agenten, große Verbrechen, Doppelspiele, Frauen – halt das, was wir auch von seinen Kriegs- und Agententhrillern kennen). Trotzdem ganz unterhaltsam.

Mit Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland, Ben Johnson, Charles Durning, Richard Crenna

Krimi-Autor Bill Crider schrieb im January Magazine über Detektive im Westen und dieses Buch: „There was a time when Scottish novelist MacLean was the premier thriller writer on both sides of the Atlantic. (Ask anyone who’s read some his early books, if you don’t believe that. Better still, read one yourself.) His forte was putting extremely competent heroes into situations that required physical strength, endurance and intelligence, and his plots were often quite complex mysteries. He was a little past his prime when he wrote Breakheart Pass, about an accused killer who’s taken on board a train loaded with medical supplies, relief troops and more than its fair share of troublemakers. Still, the book is a lot of fun, with one surprise after another (you never know just who’s on the side of the ungodly and who’s not in a MacLean novel), and enough action for two or three volumes. It rips along right until the breathless conclusion, and even the one embarrassing technical glitch probably won’t bother anyone too much.“


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